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Done/doing (Week of February 23)

Sign in the window of HQ that explains the team’s work.

As with last week, we’re focused on Release 3. You can get up to date on what’s been done and is still doing in Github Issue #387. A few toplines below.


  • Shipped latest prototypes (water quality, find shelters, agency contact search, emergency alerts, discount phone service info)
  • Created and refined a new content type (guide) used for the unemployment insurance user need
  • Resolved additional accessibility issues with accordion and step list content modules
  • Completed user acceptance testing testing the latest pages
  • Finished automated end-to-end testing for Water Safety, Local Emergency Alerts prototypes
  • Noticed and fixed inconsistencies in headings, subheadings, and other labels across the website
  • Refined translations, including several fixes to translate dynamic content
  • Deployed a lane closure API that remixes Caltrans data to make it geo-queryable


  • Tightening up final deliverable by fixing cross browser bugs, adding 3 more user stories, design fixes
  • Synthesizing and summarizing the surveys
  • Taking a deeper dive into testing for accessibility using operating system features as well as third party tools
  • Adding three more user stories to our staging environment in preparation for the final release of Alpha
  • Fixing IE11 and Edge accessibility and functionality bugs
  • Using Azure REST API to Purge CDN content paths automatically. We previously had to purge pages manually, one by one using the Azure Portal
  • Updating our content style guide to reflect what we’ve learned
  • Putting final touches on our prototypes
  • Reflecting on lessons learned throughout the Alpha