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Meet the team

We’re a team that’s passionate about making California a better place for everyone.

Office of Data and Innovation (ODI) staff have backgrounds in:

  • Tech
  • Design
  • Data
  • Policy
  • Strategy
  • Analytics
  • Research

We’re longtime public servants, entrepreneurs, and private sector veterans. Some of us never even thought of ourselves as “tech people” until we joined ODI. We come from all over California (and work all over too–we’re all remote).

Our diverse experiences help us explore the intricacies of state services and programs. We identify and solve problems through empathy, curiosity, data, and technology.

  • JJ
    Jared Johnson Acting Director
  • Sergio Gutierrez, he/him, Chief Deputy Director
    Sergio Gutierrez he/him Chief Deputy Director
  • Becki Gibson, she/her, Chief Counsel
    Becki Gibson she/her Chief Counsel
  • Adelina Zendejas, she/her/ella, Special Advisor to the Director
    Adelina Zendejas she/her/ella Special Advisor to the Director
  • Aeri Shan, they/them, Principal Analytics Engineer
    Aeri Shan they/them Principal Analytics Engineer
  • Anne Crew-Renzo, she/her, CalAcademy Training Program Manager
    Anne Crew-Renzo she/her CalAcademy Training Program Manager
  • Arman Madani, he/him, Sr. Data Scientist
    Arman Madani he/him Sr. Data Scientist
  • Barb Cosio Moreno, she/hers, Communications Manager
    Barb Cosio Moreno she/hers Communications Manager
  • Britt Allen, she/her, Data Strategist
    Britt Allen she/her Data Strategist
  • Chach Sikes, she/her, Senior Engineer
    Chach Sikes she/her Senior Engineer
  • Chad Bratton, , Chief Information Officer
    Chad Bratton Chief Information Officer
  • Christian Crumlish, he/him/they, Senior Product Manager
    Christian Crumlish he/him/they Senior Product Manager
  • Clara Gonzalez Sueyro, she/her, Senior User Experience Researcher
    Clara Gonzalez Sueyro she/her Senior User Experience Researcher
  • Daniel Yu, he/him, Researcher
    Daniel Yu he/him Researcher
  • Erica Stivison, she/her, UX Designer
    Erica Stivison she/her UX Designer
  • Hayley Figeroid, , Government Relations Manager
    Hayley Figeroid Government Relations Manager
  • Ian Rose, he/him, Senior Data Engineer
    Ian Rose he/him Senior Data Engineer
  • Jason Lally, he/him, Deputy Director, Data Engineering and Services
    Jason Lally he/him Deputy Director, Data Engineering and Services
  • Jeffery Marino, he/him, Deputy Director of Strategy
    Jeffery Marino he/him Deputy Director of Strategy
  • Jim Bumgardner, , Senior Engineer
    Jim Bumgardner Senior Engineer
  • Jon Jensen, , Full Stack Developer
    Jon Jensen Full Stack Developer
  • JP Petrucione, he/him, Deputy Director of User Research
    JP Petrucione he/him Deputy Director of User Research
  • Kevin Vellanoweth, he/him, Senior Systems Architect
    Kevin Vellanoweth he/him Senior Systems Architect
  • Kim Hicks, she/her, Deputy Director, Advanced Analytics & Evaluation
    Kim Hicks she/her Deputy Director, Advanced Analytics & Evaluation
  • Lawrence Troxler III, he/him, Head of Talent
    Lawrence Troxler III he/him Head of Talent
  • Matt Zhou, he/him, Data & Analytics Governance Lead
    Matt Zhou he/him Data & Analytics Governance Lead
  • Michael Sullivan, he/him, Content Strategist
    Michael Sullivan he/him Content Strategist
  • Monica Bobra, she/her, Principal Data Scientist
    Monica Bobra she/her Principal Data Scientist
  • Peggy Gartin, she/her, Content Strategist
    Peggy Gartin she/her Content Strategist
  • Regan King, he/him, Website Performance Analyst
    Regan King he/him Website Performance Analyst
  • Rocio Mora, she/her/ella, Senior Data Analyst
    Rocio Mora she/her/ella Senior Data Analyst
  • Samantha Kuykendall, she/her, Administrative Coordinator
    Samantha Kuykendall she/her Administrative Coordinator
  • Sarah Letson, she/her, Senior Researcher
    Sarah Letson she/her Senior Researcher
  • Shelby Drayton, she/her, User Experience (UX) Design Manager
    Shelby Drayton she/her User Experience (UX) Design Manager
  • Sheryl Harris, , Administrative Support Analyst
    Sheryl Harris Administrative Support Analyst
  • Tara Stevens, , Head of Administration
    Tara Stevens Head of Administration
  • Thea Man, she/her, Information Security Officer
    Thea Man she/her Information Security Officer
  • Yesenia Gutiérrez, she/her, Product Manager
    Yesenia Gutiérrez she/her Product Manager
  • Zakiya Khabir, she/her, Engineering Manager
    Zakiya Khabir she/her Engineering Manager
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