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Our vision

A state government that is modern, effective, and provides exceptional service to all Californians.

Our mission

We drive innovation across California state government, using data, technology, and human centered design to achieve exceptional, equitable outcomes for all Californians. We collaborate with leaders and communities throughout California and the world. We partner to build empathy for the people we serve and create a government that is easy to interact with and solves big problems.

Our strategic goals

To accomplish our mission, we’ve set key goals for the Office of Data and Innovation (ODI).

  1. Establish ODI as a people-first innovation office that brings the value of human-centered design principles, tools, and methods to state teams
  2. Encourage a data and analytics-informed culture where insights are central to service improvement and evaluation
  3. Support development and implementation of sustainable innovation and culture change throughout state government


Our objectives guide the day-to-day work of ODI.

  1. Engage directly with Californians on an ongoing basis to understand their attitudes, needs, and concerns in relation to services and products
  2. Engage directly with California’s 150 state entities on an ongoing basis to address their needs and pain points, and identify opportunities for continuous improvement in service delivery
  3. Leverage research, analytics, and insights to design and prototype reusable or scalable human-centered solutions for service improvement
  4. Develop a first-party data and insights infrastructure that gathers new data and taps into existing data to bring the attitudes, needs, and concerns of Californians into service design and evaluation
  5. Provide direct support to departments to identify and help solve process, people, or policy issues, including consulting to provide analysis, insights, and recommendations
  6. Work directly with state agencies and departments, as service owners, to build capacity to support the long-term sustainability of service improvements, including training to provide practical how-to skills, new approaches, and new tools