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We’re looking for creative and inspired people who want to make a difference. We’re currently hiring a:

Questions about any of the positions or opportunities in general, email us at

Why you should choose ODI

  • Our work directly affects Californians. We get to be part of projects that have a big impact on our communities.
  • You get to work with amazing people who care about improving state services.
  • We test cool new tools and ways of work. We explore new trends to figure out how they can help the rest of the state.
  • Working at the state offers stability and many benefits. It’s part of what we love about being public servants! But we’re not your average state department. We’re expanding the possibilities for what state departments can do.

Getting a job with ODI

We hope you’re excited to join us! If you’ve never applied for a state job, we’ve got you covered. We have application process guides that lay out everything so you know what to expect.

Awarded Contracts

None at this time.