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Done/doing (Week of Jan. 13)


Done/doing is a recap of what we’ve done this week and what we have in our sprint plan for the week ahead. This post covers the week of January 13-January 19.


  • Delivered our first release! Including 5 user stories in English and Spanish
  • Interviewed 6 Californians from across the state to find out more about their needs and existing relationship with their government. Inspiring to talk to folks who care so deeply about the work they do, and how they love California
  • Began work on content prototypes for the next round of user needs
  • Created content prototypes for checking road conditions, applying for discounted phone benefits as well as disability insurance benefits
  • Developed, migrating all our Medium posts to our own static site generator, which has way better performance and accessibility scores than the Medium hosted versions of the same content
  • Created initial automated end-to-end test suite
  • HTML Linter implemented to detect things like valid header tag hierarchy
  • Refined web design system and content type templates
  • Met with Aspen Institute Fellows about our Alpha work, sharing with them the new ways of work we’re testing


  • Planning a design research team field trip to get inspired by real people and their stories
  • Talking to 12 more Californians about want they want more and/or less of from their State Government
  • User testing our road conditions prototype
  • Collaborating with the team on a prototype for estimating quarterly taxes as a freelancer
  • Integrating lighthouse performance and accessibility audits into CI pipeline
  • Revisiting our work flow and ways of working with team kick-off 2.0 to continue iterating and improving