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Done/doing (Week of Dec. 16)


Done/doing is a recap of what we’ve done this week and what we have in our sprint plan for the week ahead. This post covers the week of December 16–22.


  • Developed MVP design system and page templates
  • Collected 50+ responses on the general Alpha survey
  • Guest team members (shout to CHHS Office of Innovation!) tested the State Holiday prototype to learn how to handle 4th of July and validated that we want to keep Next Holiday feature
  • Conducted a field research visit to Vital Records office in South Sacramento to test “Request a birth certificate” with guest team members from CHHS Innovation team
  • Built new Function As A Service (FAAS, also called “serverless”) prototype and Github integrated deployment pipeline
  • Setup initial docs for our bootstrap based design system, rewrote first bootstrap interactive UI widget as a web component, allowing us to provide the same functionality with much smaller code footprint
  • Prototyped additional user stories, augmented our minimum wage user prototype so it autocompletes all cities and zip codes in CA


  • Iterate on new content type templates so we can prototype user stories faster and cleaner
  • Integrate accessibility testing tools into our code editors as automated linters, and into the CI pipeline as automated tests and into our browsers for manual testing
  • Design discussion guide for deep, qualitative research on victims of trauma and wildfire
  • Begin development on the site functionality required for Alpha site to support user story content