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Done/doing (Week of Dec. 30)


Done/doing is a recap of what we’ve done this week and what we have in our sprint plan for the week ahead. While many of us were out for the holidays, a lot of work was still getting done. This post covers the week of December 30-January 5.


  • Developed content prototyping flow
  • Built food bank user story prototype that geolocates the user, presents nearest locations to get food assistance, allows location switching via search with autocomplete and responds to SMS requests for info on nearest locations
  • Prototyped content for three user needs including Cal Grants, food banks, and finding a licensed contractor for home improvements
  • Iterated on content types within the draft design system
  • Baselining the user needs to test for accessibility, speed, and readability


  • Packaging the initial user stories that have undergone user testing, making sure they meet our content, design, accessibility, and performance standards before publishing
  • Crafting an Emergency Preparedness survey
  • Testing user story prototypes
  • Drafting a Content Style Guide
  • Creating the homepage design for our first release
  • Creating a feedback mechanism to iterate on our prototypes
  • Recruiting for an additional Content Designer
  • Publishing Alpha Team roles and responsibilities in the team handbook
  • Developing end-to-end journey mapping for user needs