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Done/doing (Week of May 18-May 24)


A little late is better than never. Last week’s done and this week’s doing for your perusal.

As always, this site is a work in progress, and we continue to strive to do more, and do better to help Californians.


  • Ran 14 interviews to provide feedback on a new site information architecture and design. Found some great, actionable insights regarding people’s preferences on the homepage. And identified important needs regarding search functionalities on the site
  • Rolled out plasma donation search powered by our public web components and APIs
  • Cut 75% off our 11ty build times by selectively running our jsdom powered post transformations based on hash comparisons and caching processed assets
  • Automated stats updates with API cron job writing to GitHub
  • Integrated automated image optimization into pipeline, upgraded all environments to server WebP successfully
  • Designed new pages for contact tracing and plasma donation based on SME input
  • Renamed high-use buttons to have more intuitive names
  • Did readability editing on several web pages
  • Launched the first set of changes related to the redesign into production
  • Made several accessibility improvements
  • Staged second set of changes to enable user testing


  • Reviewing our quick answer dataset generated from site crawl against the call center Q&A docs. If we can publish regular change lists automatically might be helpful
  • Continue to monitor and revamp the broad survey
  • Prototyping reorganized content based on user feedback and known audiences
  • Working on developing a global navigation for the website
  • Synthesizing and incorporating user research into redesign