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Introducing the Alpha Team

Who we are and why we care about this work team team

Our new team has a big job. We’re working to make it easier for Californians to access, understand and use digital information and services.

It’s a job that each of us is incredibly excited to take on.

We are 11 Californians, passionate about this state and committed to making it better. We come from Mexico, the Ukraine, Riverside, San Francisco, Placerville and points in between. We are experts in our fields. And we believe that state government has to get better at using digital technology to serve residents.

To a person, we are a little awed to have this opportunity.

We asked everyone on the team why they wanted to be part of this alpha project, and here’s what they said:

Angie Quirarte, Product Owner

Angie built the team, is setting the vision for the Alpha and will make sure we deliver.

“We have an incredible opportunity to create a new way for government to inform, engage, and interact with the public by putting user research and design at the center of our work. It’s fulfilling to be part of a team that is genuinely invested in making a difference. Everyone is open to continuous learning, willing to experiment, and committed to re-imagining the digital experience of Californians with their government!”

Luke Fretwell, Product Designer

Luke is imagining what the Alpha might look and feel like to the user.

“California is my home. The chance to combine the work I’ve done professionally with the honor and privilege to serve my fellow Californians is an opportunity of a lifetime.”

Hilary Hoeber, User Researcher

Hilary researches what Californians need from

“I joined this team because I am passionate about infusing research and human-centered design into government to reimagine how it shows up in the world, both online and offline. This feels like the right moment to circle back to my previous work in the public sector (as part of IDEO) after spending the past few years in the private sector. This unique opportunity gets me back to what I care about most deeply: understanding what matters most to people and amplifying their needs through design.”

Rebecca Huval, Content Designer

Rebecca will choose words that actually make sense to the people who use

“This project means so much to me. I’m honored to be here. I want to help Californians access the services and information they need. And I’m eager to grow and experiment alongside this talented team. I value writing that puts readers first, and that’s especially important in government. The right content can help people navigate their lives and feel heard, seen and respected.”

Aaron Hans, Tech Lead

Aaron makes web applications fast and accessible for all users.

“It is a privilege to help make government a little more efficient. Our work on this project will stretch tax dollars and help users get served faster. I love civic tech. I lead the Water Quality project at the Open Oakland Code for America brigade. I helped build a startup that improves the purchasing process for local governments. I’ve admired Angelica’s work at GovOps for awhile and wanted to get on board this project. I want to raise the standard of online government services in California.”

Chad Bratton, Technical Architect

Chad is building the scaffolding the site will run on, making sure all the pieces fit together seamlessly.

“I am excited to help design and implement a new website and a new way of working that is accessible and focused on the user needs of California’s residents with a great team of designers, developers, researchers, and more.”

Carter Medlin, Full-Stack Developer

Carter codes. That’s his favorite thing in the world to do.

“I want to be part of the Alpha team for the opportunity to learn new development technologies and methodologies by working with acclaimed experts from around the state. I look forward to having a lasting positive impact on the delivery of public services.”

Art Khomishen, Interaction Designer

Art is responsible for using design to bring to life Hilary’s research, and Rebecca’s words.

"I truly believe that in one’s professional life there are opportunities that come around only once in a great while. The Alpha team and initiative is such an opportunity. The Alpha is going to be a challenge, full of unknowns and yet full of growth, inspiration, discovery, innovation, disruption and more. It is a privilege to be an agent of innovation and disruption in government — where change is not always embraced. The Alpha will be a catalyst for growth and innovation for everyone involved and more importantly for California’s ultimate stakeholders, the residents of this great state."

Kimberly Glenn, Team Success & Delivery Manager

Kimberly makes sure we have what we need to get stuff done.

“I wanted to be part of the Alpha Team to improve services for the residents of California by creating a new way to work transparently that regains their trust in the California Government. The Alpha Team gives me the ability to bring together individuals from across the industry to create a solution for all Californians.”

JP Petrucione, Communications

JP puts our commitment to transparency and openness into practice.

“It’s rare that you get a chance to do work that will have a positive, measurable impact on so many people, so close to home. Luke got it right, for sure. This really is an opportunity of a lifetime.”