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Appendix F: Building durable capacity across the state


As part of ODI’s mandate to “rethink and improve how the state buys digital services,” procurement is a focus area for the organization. Knowing how, when, and what to procure helps departments and vendor partners create and manage digital solutions and is central to digital transformation.

Human-centered procurement consulting

In FY 2021-2022, ODI brought its expertise in data, user research, and human-centered design to bear on multiple procurements at various state departments. For example, ODI consulted on a request for proposal for a third-party administrator and added requirements regarding user research and design best practices for the Lifeline project. ODI also consulted with the Department of Public Health in procuring talent to improve and maintain

Technology, Digital and Data Consulting Master Service Agreement

The Technology, Digital and Data Consulting Master Service Agreement (TDDC MSA) is a key asset to modernize how the state contracts for professional services to make the experience of government more human-centered, data-driven, secure and digitally available. In 2020-21, ODI worked in partnership with the Department of General Services (DGS), the Government Operations Agency (GovOps), and the Department of Technology to help develop new digital service and data consulting opportunities for the Information Technology Consulting Master Service Agreement, renamed the TDDC MSA.

Some highlights include:

  • Developed 20 new classifications using research and public and private sector best practices:
    • Data analyst
    • Senior data analyst
    • Geospatial analyst
    • Geospatial application developer
    • Business intelligence analyst
    • Data scientist
    • Senior data scientist
    • Data engineer
    • Senior data engineer
    • Data modeler
    • Data warehouse architect
    • Product lead
    • Product manager
    • Content strategist
    • Content designer
    • User experience researcher
    • Usability tester
    • User experience/interaction designer
    • Customer experience architect
    • Customer experience analyst
  • Conducted proactive outreach to small/women/minority-owned businesses, many of whom are new to contracting with the government

Many other jurisdictions are watching and want to learn from California’s procurement efforts for digital and data roles.

Credit card acceptance and fee reduction

In partnership with the California Department of Transportation, the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, and GovOps, ODI also supported a successful initiative to make it more affordable for public transit agencies to accept credit cards directly on buses, light rails, and metros. In 2020-21, ODI analyzed an existing survey of digital payments by state departments and led a second survey to better understand which programs accepted credit card payments, which did not, and what support might be needed to increase adoption.

Small business procurement user research

In collaboration with GovOps and DGS, ODI interviewed dozens of buyers in state departments and small businesses already contracting with the state and several who wish to. We engaged in stakeholder discussions with groups like the Minority-Owned Small Business Procurement Task Force, incorporating a diverse range of experiences and backgrounds in our research. This work supported ongoing work by DGS and GovOps to increase small business participation in state procurements.