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Our vision

A state government that is modern, effective, and provides exceptional service to all Californians.

Our mission

We drive innovation across California state government, using data, technology, and human centered design to achieve exceptional, equitable outcomes for all Californians. We collaborate with leaders and communities throughout California and the world. We partner to build empathy for the people we serve and create a government that is easy to interact with and solves big problems.

Our values


We are honest, guided by strong ethics, and do what is right even when no one is watching. We speak the truth even when it is hard.


We work together as a team, are open to the ideas of others, and provide support to all partners to achieve collective goals.


We treat all people with respect as unique individuals and work together to help achieve mission-driven goals. We take responsibility for our work and we affirm that success is a result of the team.

Our strategic goals

To accomplish our mission, we’ve set key goals for the Office of Data and Innovation (ODI).

  1. Develop a statewide culture of innovation
  2. Embed equity in service design and delivery
  3. Enable departments to adopt the tools and practices that support continuous improvement and performance measurement.
  4. Establish a culture of operational excellence at ODI to model how a customer-centric state department can work